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Raise your sails

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Unbreakable bond between the village and the wind

Windsurfers, kite surfers, sailing enthusiasts, all of you who are constantly in search of good wind, look no further. Viganj is your destination. It is located eight kilometres west of Orebić along the narrowest part of the Pelješac Channel. Due to the narrow passage, the wind here is the strongest on the whole Adriatic.

The mistral blows there every day. Pure pleasure for fans of adrenaline! It starts at about ten AM and lasts until the evening. It softens the summer sweltering temperatures, so it is also welcomed by those who like to sunbathe. Almost every summer, Viganj holds surfing competitions, and among the most famous ones is the 2013 World Championship.


Ponta Liberan, the most famous beach in Viganj, attracts surfers and kiters from all over the world, and there are nearby schools of these sports where you can rent equipment and learn how to surf on your own in about ten hours.

Recommendation: visit Kuvenat, a former Dominican monastery, today the cultural centre of Viganj, enjoy the aromas of the Viganj gardens, and pop over to Nakovana, one of the oldest settlements of Pelješac.

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