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Idyllic rural spot

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Wine lovers never miss it!

If Pelješac is a wine peninsula, then Potomje is its centre. Wine lovers never miss it! There are almost no local families who are not engaged in viticulture and winemaking. Some of the most famous Croatian winemakers live here. They will be delighted to open the doors of their cellars for you.

Potomje is located at an altitude of 320 meters above sea level, along the fertile Župa field, fifteen kilometres southeast of Orebić. It is in the interior of the peninsula, but it’s almost like it isn’t. It is separated from the sea by a tunnel that is only 400 meters long.

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There’s a million-dollar view on the other side of the tunnel. The endless vineyards of the most famous Pelješac vineyard, Dingač, steeply descend to the surrounding coastal places. Borak in the east, Potočine in the west. A spectacular landscape, and a perfect photo for Instagram.

Recommendation: if you are running away from the sweltering heat of the night and looking for an idyllic rural spot, book your accommodation in an OPG (family farm) or an apartment in Potomje. There, the night temperatures are several degrees lower than on the coast. Enjoy your morning coffee and a glass of Dingač, and then get your refreshment on one of the beautiful beaches … and, of course, don’t forget to include a glass of top-quality Plavac into your daily ritual.

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