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Postup-Donja Banda

Postup-Donja Banda

Picturesque settlement

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A well-known Croatian wine-growing area

Here are some explanations, right from the start! Postup is a well-known Croatian wine-growing area at the entrance to Orebić, as well as excellent wine made from Plavac Mali, an indigenous variety from the Postup vineyards. Postup is also a picturesque settlement with beautiful beaches, coves, and reefs, as well as an agricultural cooperative in Donja Banda, a place located along the county road on the way to Orebić.
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All within a ten-kilometre radius. Crystal clear sea, powerful red wine with a rich flavour of ripe grapes, and the scattered stone villages of Prizdrina, Zakamenje, Županje Selo, Zakotorac, Košarnji Do, and Golubinica. If you like privacy and relaxation in isolation, you will find several holiday homes or apartments for yourself here.

There is almost nobody around. Only a few locals who have never left their small, charming village. A truly exotic place.

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