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Laidback and relaxed. This is the way of life in Orebić today. You are sure to enjoy this unencumbered Dalmatian lifestyle and bask in the Mediterranean openness. Wild Dalmatian nature, crystal clear sea, the hill of St. Elijah on one side, the Pelješac Channel on the other, the medieval town of Korčula right across the sea…

You will delight in a glass of excellent Plavac in the magnificent “kortas”, gardens filled with citrus trees and exotic herbs that the captains of Orebić brought from their voyages. When you slow down and discover the beauty in the little things, life becomes meaningful again.


If you are looking for such an atmosphere, pack your bags and visit us! And to make your vacation more beautiful, here are some useful tips:

What to visit in Orebić? The Maritime Museum is a must-see. On the hill above the town, there is also the Franciscan monastery museum with votive paintings of sailors and their families. In the monastery, visit the church and the scenic viewpoint of Our Lady of Angels. The panorama of Orebić is best viewed from this location.

What to do in Orebić? Swimming and sunbathing, hiking along marked paths, cycling, walking by the sea, wine tours to the wineries and wine cellars of Orebić are just some of the options, and there are also many cafes for night-life enthusiasts.

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