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At the foot of the Rota hill

A place of wine and art!

Kuna Pelješka lies in the interior of the peninsula, at the foot of the Rota hill, in the fertile valley of Kunovsko Polje. It looks fantastic.

It is also the birthplace of the famous painter, Celestin Mato Medović. In the centre of the village, under a 300-year-old oak tree, there is a monument to him, the work of the great sculptor Ivan Meštrović. The painter’s works are exhibited in his childhood home, the beautiful Baroque church of Our Lady of Delorite, and the gallery of the Franciscan monastery.

If Kuna is your holiday choice, follow the old road to the north side of Pelješac to a small village called Crkvice, with a beautiful beach. It used to be a wine-trading port, and today it is an attractive swimming location, with 15 houses. Among them, the mansion of Celestin Medović from the early 20th century stands out.

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